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Watch Travel Channel's 'Man Finds Food' exposes the 'darkside' of ramen in Milwaukee

Man Find Food

Sorry for the Buzzfeed inspired headline. I couldn't resist. A few days ago, Travel Channel's Man Find Food featured hidden culinary gems in Milwaukee. One of those gems happens to be my favorite late night spot to grab a very declious bowl of Tonkotsu ramen.

Tonkotsu ramen usually has a cloudy white colored broth. It is similar to the Chinese baitang (白湯) and has a thick broth made from boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for many hours, which suffuses the broth with a hearty pork flavor and a creamy consistency that rivals milk, melted butter or gravy (depending on the shop). Most shops, but not all, blend this pork broth with a small amount of chicken and vegetable stock and/or soy sauce. The noodles are thin and straight, and it is often served with beni shoga (pickled ginger). -Wikipedia

Man Find Food's host Adam Richman made a stop at Red Light Ramen at Ardent on the East Side of Milwaukee. Adam talks to James Beard nominated chef Justin Carlisle about how he got into making authentic Tonkotsu ramen. Watch the clip below.  You can grab a bowl of this rich soup every Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 11:30pm.

Don't forget to listen to Dori Zori Stories' piece on chef Justin Carlisle.

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