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7 Milwaukee chefs' guilty food pleasures

When it comes to food, most of us have our guilty pleasures. Certainly, chocolate would rank high. Maybe a favorite flavor or brand of ice cream. Definitely french fries.  And for some, a juicy burger.

But what if you were a chef? We think of chefs as connoisseurs of cuisine. Would they stoop as low as we do?


We asked some top local chefs to share their guilty food pleasures. It became pretty obvious they’re a lot like us.

Thomas Hauck: c.1880

“Definitely Chick-fil-A with lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. Best fast food chicken sandwich, period. You gotta make sure you order it extra crispy -- the crispy bits are the best.”


Andrew Miller: Merriment Social

“Hot, crispy Checkers fries and Thousand Island dressing used to be my go to after 16 hour shifts while I was interning in New Orleans. Nothing quite like it after days like those and I guess it just kind of grew on me. I don't indulge as much nowadays, but occasionally will after a few too many bourbons!”


Karen Bell: Bavette

“I don't eat any fast food, but I am almost obsessed with french fries. And I do love store-bought taco dip.”



Gregory León: Amilinda

“I'd have to say my culinary guilty pleasure is Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes. They are comfort food for me. My grandmother, Klasky -- with whom I have many fond food memories -- and I would make these with ham in them. Whenever I need an emotional pick-me-up, they are my go to! They just make me fell all warm and fuzzy.”



Justin Carlisle: Ardent

"Popeyes chicken and White Castle. It's delicious and I haven't found an outstanding fried chicken place here. I'm into Taco Bell also. Favorite junk food: whatchamacallit."



Yollande Tchouapi Deacon: Irie Zulu

"I indulge in Greek yogurt as it reminds me of a childhood breakfast popular in West Africa called 'kossam.' It is street food, essential to our upbringing. The taste is addictive."



Rosalin Rodriguez: Company Brewing

"French fries dipped in ice cream. Salty, sweet, crispy, creamy, hot and cold. You cover all the bases."

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