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Heaven’s Table BBQ's Washington Heights location will feature an expanded menu and Jamaican specials

On this week's episode, we've got some information to share about Heaven's Table BBQ's new location and expanded menu, and news of a new restaurant in West Allis called Reunion Restaurant, which will feature stuffed burgers, pizzas and arcade games. But first we kick things off by talking about the Holiday Folk Fair International.

"It's a really fun event, a way to tap into different ethnic groups' celebrations and traditions for the holidays," says Ann. And of course those traditions include food. This year's Holiday Folk Fair International (the 78th!) will be virtual. It'll run from "wherever you are" from Friday, Nov. 19, through Sunday, Nov. 21. The online event will feature music, dance, arts and cooking demonstrations. You can find out more here.

Heaven's Table BBQ | Photo courtesy Heaven’s Table BBQ.

Earlier this year we reported that Heaven’s Table BBQ, a favorite at the Crossroads Collective food hall, will soon be moving to its own brick-and-mortar location in the Washington Heights neighborhood at 5507 W. North Ave. That spot will be opening soon, and now we know more about what the expanded menu will offer.

In addition to the usual smoked meats (including ribs, pork shoulder, brisket and pastrami), there will be more Jamaican dishes and specials, the Journal Sentinel reports. And for the first time there will be french fries on the menu, so you'll be able to get a basket of meat and fries. The owner also hopes to add deserts, including ice cream. He tells the Journal Sentinel that he wants the new space to look like a butcher shop, so expect to see some subway tile.

Heaven's Table will continue operating out of its Crossroads Collective location until its lease ends at the end of the year.

Hear us talk about all that and more on this week's This Bites below.

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