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Dead Rainbows bring dreamy baroque sounds to electronic pop

Dead Rainbows is a brand spankin' new duo from The Good Land (this is the Milwaukee Music Weekly Pick, so shocker, I know). While we first premiered the first single from this EP earlier this Summer, we finally get the other track from the new project.

The pair is comprised of producer LMNtlyst (working the production, bass, guitar and synthesizers) and Jason Todd (vocals, production, synthesizers). Both contribute synths and production, and once you listen to the EP (which I KNOW you will after you read this), it'll all make sense -- but, I'll offer insight as to why anyway.

While the collective pair are "new," the duo are seasoned veterans to the local (and national) music scene. Jason Todd is a member of Def Harmonic, Leo Minor, has worked and produced with Dramatic Lovers, and has collaborated with a serious roster of musicians while LMNtlyst has worked with Rusty Pelicans, Blackout Sands and some major artists and rappers (selfish plug of our own hip-hop podcast Backspin here if you're into that).

Dead Rainbows | Photo courtesy of artist

The two track release is an upbeat, tambourine-lovin', electronic pop release - it'll have you wanting to get into a chill zone-out but also have you dancing like those endearing (and entrancing) inflatable squiggly dancers a-la-car dealership. Together, Dead Rainbow brings some serious talent, fun energy and new sounds we can all enjoy. Listen below!