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Milwaukee rappers Kaylee Crossfire and Klassik share new singles

This spring, Kaylee Crossfire and Klassik both participated in Backline's sophomore class. And now they're entering the payoff stage of the program: releasing new music. This morning both artists shared their latest singles; you can stream them below.

Kaylee Crossfire and Klassik | Courtesy of the artists

In this week's Milwaukee Rap Roundup, we previewed Kaylee's upcoming single. And "Baddie Alert" doesn't disappoint: It's a chest-beating, three-minute banger, all hard raps and Bay Area slap. The West Coast production from Kontrabandz is a new look for her, but the fiery bars are classic Kaylee.

Klassik, meanwhile, barely waited a week after dropping his most recent single, the smooth " Long Ago," before following it up with a new track: "Home," a modernist, trap-soul fusion that casts Klassik's malleable voice against some electronic production with shades of "Astroworld." You can stream it below.