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Destinee Lynn knows she has your attention on 'Who Is Dat'

Who's the hardest rapper in Milwaukee? At any given moment the list of contenders for that title is long, and it's constantly changing, with new names throwing their hat in the ring each month. But there's only a handful of Milwaukee rappers who can say they've been contending for that title consistently for years, and Destinee Lynn is one of them. Without a label, she's been running up streams on little more than word of mouth for the last half decade.

Lynn is an R&B singer, too, and for the last year or so most of her singles have been heartfelt and tender, firmly grounded in matters of the heart. But on her latest slapper "Who Is Dat," Lynn reminds us that she's still one of the fiercest rappers Milwaukee has ever birthed.

Throughout the track, Lynn drops bar after bar about her ability to command the city's attention, and none of these brags feel like hyperbole: When she's rapping, it's hard to look away. She's a force and, for some of the even younger Milwaukee rappers who have come up in her wake, an inspiration.

You can stream her "Who Is Dat" video below. (This song contains explicit language.)

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